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Month: December 2017

“Real Sex”-like sex with a sex doll

Published / by admin

So you get this beautiful real life size sex doll and you not know how to start to have best sex ever? While it might not be real sex, it will certainly feel like it. Why? Because we will walk you through the steps.

First, let me tell you something – sex doll is one of the greatest male sex toys it can be. Why? You will see why shortly.

So you get this real-looking girl and you start by kissing her delicious lips. You undress her and start sucking her nipples. It will feel like real nipples. The tits of the doll are big, round and beautiful.

Then you continue undressing her and you finally get her completely naked. Just like a real girl, she will have a beautiful face, tits and vagina in your vicinity. Then you start licking her vagina. It will feel like a real vagina, you can also stroke her tits and touch her nipples while doing so.

Then she performs a blow job to get your dick wet. You can either use your hands to force her to do blow job for you or you can fuck her face. Then you go down and fuck her in vagina. It will feel great, exactly like real sex. You can also move her legs in various positions.

Then you turn her over and have anal sex with her. You can also move her legs in various directions and positions to make different sex position every now and then.

Then you lay down on bed, sofa, floor or whatever and let her ride your huge massive and fat cock. You will have to force it with your own hands. However, best thing about this position is that you can also kiss her in the mouth. As she keeps moving up and down, your nipples will be touched to make the orgasm even better.

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